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the pathetic little girl in moi! *winkwink*



This is me being a TEENAGER and dismissing my ‘deep’ personality.

I am seriously deeply, genuinely, superbly, irrevocably, weirdly, and abysmally (should it be there?! LOL) in freaking too deep!

Okay so I am not in ‘love’ ‘love’ because I don’t know for sure what’s happening to me so I’ll leave it at ‘in too deep’. Hahaha weird right?

So, I was on my dillydallying phase after dinner when my awesomesauce and fantabulous aunt suddenly recalled her past existent love life…like oh my gosh for my part…because erm yeah! I was actually blushing and I can feel my heart hammering because I was also reminiscing my not-really existent love life for the past erm 8 years?!

Oh my gosh I feel like a ratchet…and it’s just SAD because I am not I totally have class! HA!


I can totally recall all my ‘squeal’ and ‘swoon’ moments and the occasional ‘sighs’ and it was just so funfuckingtastic and now I just feel like a pathetic retard with so many hearts in my eyes.

I think I really have a bad case of hang over because oh my serious goshiness I cannot seem to stop thinking about the dudettes HAHAHA! Call me pathetic but my amazing mind has a fantastic memory with added feelings—for a pitiful effect.

Well yeah I’m on a high…totally and I’m probably gonna kill myself for posting this on the INTERNET where people involved can read it HAHAHA.

I apologize for the people who actually read this, I have been stressed for the past months and I think it’s creating a chemical imbalance in my brain, thus turning me into a total loser with a dud of a mouth filter.

Umm I moved on..even if it doesn’t really seem like it but I actually did HAHAHA. I just needed to put that out there. So please don’t misunderstand me 😉 a deep girl can have a sense of patheticness right?!