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Late-Night Walk Ponders


Sometimes I ask myself…”Am I really the person I want to be? Am I kind enough? Am I selfless enough?”

Then I realize, all of these questions popped out because, well, truth is, I base my life on the words people say around me.

The thing I hate most about myself is my ‘great idea-ponder it-will people approve-maybe not-then don’t do it’ personality. It mostly happens when I see street people begging along the dirty and crowded streets of the busy City, sleeping on the cold floor full of spit and snot, and children going through trash bins for some spare food.

There is always this nature of me to help out, to look back and actually give the person spare money that I usually have. But even if I want to, my damn self-consciousness shows itself and glues me to the ground I am on and urges me to look away and keep on walking. I realize now that I am much of a hypocrite as the higher-ups of our government that I scorn and bash about.

Saying I feel bad about myself doesn’t even cut it. I despise myself… I feel very much ashamed of myself that sometimes I just want the ground to swallow me whole.

Whenever I let the opportunity of helping someone out slip past my finger tips, this overwhelming ache in my chest suddenly appears…making me guilty for the whole day.

It leaves me only to wonder, am I not using the excess resources that I have wisely? Am I becoming one of ‘them‘–one of the materialistic people replacing their oxygen supply for crack and nicotine? Am I becoming the hypocrite that I despise so much?

My million dollar question…Am I the epitome of all the people I described vehemently on my past blogs and un-filed articles? Do I abhor myself so much that I eventually led myself to believe that I am a whole new other person?

Deep…I know, but the number of questions floating in my mind constantly leaves me gasping for answers.

I love helping people, I want to help people; but my pride, my prejudice, and my selfishness gets in the way of such things. It keeps me from helping the helpless and shivering sectors of this poor country.

Little by little I am disappointing myself…because little by little, I am becoming one of them–an act that can only be attributed through my endless study and observation of the human specie interaction…and i so desperately want to break that possible reality.

Am I only a facade of who I really am? Will I be able to break free from the precarious stares and unending whispers of the shadows of my reality?

I don’t want to…I want to.


The Third Law


Newton states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

When put in that way it seem relatively easy to understand. It is just a concept of physics; a subject forcing us to learn about forces and energies.

The Physics classroom website explains it further though, it defines force as a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object. Forces result from interactions! According to Newton, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other.These two forces are called action and reaction forces.

But where am I really getting at?

I was sitting quietly, relieving the anxiousness I got from speaking my heart out regarding a topic up for debate in a particular class when a certain seatmate of mine from that particular class suddenly asked me…

“What if we are just reliving this lifetime?”

That hit me like a ton of rocks. Isn’t that just the million-dollar question?

What if we already lived this lifetime, this reality? What if this is the hundredth time or so that we so desperately tried to survive the same life that we have today? What if?

A lot of questions surged through my mind, leaving me breathless and gasping- not for air but for questions lying beneath ancient book binds and century old castle ruins. The possibilities are endless. I mean, there is nothing much certain about the universe. Although carbon dating suggests that the earth is 4.54 billion years old and archaeologists along with other scientists claim that there can be no human life on earth that far back into the past, we still do not know for sure if that is the real case because we were not there! Scientists are so keen on revealing the footprints of past creatures so they can walk the earth in that time that they tend to forget to reveal our- the humans’ past. We just readily embraced the theory that humans somehow popped out of nowhere as a result of genetic adaptation and mutation. Science is full of accepted facts and theories because humans are afraid of uncertainties, they are afraid of not knowing the unknown.

But, it is time to immerse ourselves into the void of speculations and the taboos of science. It is time to join the two together: science and legends. For where will people gain the knowledge about tear-drop babies or witches or magical princes and princesses or levitating objects but from natural occurring events that they experienced?

A legend has a root of truth in them which somehow in the years that came, evolved into something else; something more of a belief and a fairy tale. The fact still stands, people of much old times do not yet have the ability to come up with characters so vivid with powers because they are still starting their cognitive development which basically is dependent only to their environment. To make it simpler, nothing is original, everything in this world is an imitation and an evolution of the past. So, the scribes and other writers of the past that we think made up stories might not have made them up because then they would be breaking tradition; and as we know, humans- especially those from the past are afraid of risking of breaking free from traditions because they will be lost.

Now we go to the concept of ‘Reincarnation.’ We got past the fact that legends have a root of truth in them, even if it is just the size of a mere seed, they still carry the truth. So what if we give in further to this insanity and ponder the mysteries of reincarnation.

“For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.”
—The Bhagavad-Gita (The Divine Song of God) 2:20

The context above is an excerpt from the Holy text of the Hindus about 700 B.C.into the past. As you can see, it talks about a soul that is eternal. Ideally, a wandering soul may one way or another seek a way to go back into the circle of life; because seriously, what is our real purpose but to survive right?

A claim still stands, reincarnation or the process of transmigration may be real, no evidence suggests it but what if the reason behind this mystery is because it is happening now-as I type here- in a fast rate (because let us face it, birth and death rates are somehow on par with each other) and in utmost secrecy and is in its divinity that we just do not have the ability and the divine understanding to grasp this as the reality of realities?

It does not matter how much effort scientists and us common folks give in order to increase the percentage of our minds to activate. As long as we do not overcome the barriers separating us from what is real and what is a myth or a legend, we will still be living in a reality of continued discovering and dying. We will still be doing ‘science’ and be narrow-minded people who are afraid to give in to the possibility or probability that the things we deem as not ‘scientifically proven’ may be the truth. We are afraid of being wrong and being overwhelmed.

So what are these things that I am spewing out have in relation to the Third Law of equal and opposite reactions?

Well, get ready.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

We know that already, but as Hatake Kakashi says, “look underneath the underneath.” There is something missing about this concept, a word to better describe the product of the two reactions… the consequence.

Consequence only means a result of an action.

What if the forces in our lives are the past and the future? What if we are reliving this reality through the taboo of science, the legend about Rebirths or Reincarnations? What if the past is actually our past in this same lifetime but we do not know that because time is eternal and the only true unit of measure; and the past and the future are happening right now in a fast pace that we overlook and do not see it because it is happening too fast?

If this is real, then we are the consequence. We are the products of the force exerted by our own past and future selves. We are the ones that complete the analogy of force interactions.

So if reincarnations are happening and already has happened before, then it is no wonder why the present has slowed down and allowed us to live with new memories in tact. It may be seen as a challenge to perfect the life that you have, but then again no one is perfect. Maybe we, as the consequence or the effect, are the only flaws in the space and time continuum.

The real deal about MONEY


Money has got people on leash.

It would not matter if they–the ‘greedy ones’ would step on other people as long as they get their money, they will rid you out.

Sounds harsh, but in my seventeen years here, all I ever heard from everyone is how greedy the human nature can be just to feel intense amount of pleasure; and pleasure, nowadays, only comes from money.


Seriously, I can take it if the people doing most of the ‘greediness’ are uneducated ones because I can easily dismiss it and say ‘they do not know better’…but no, these here, the corrupt people- the greedy ones- are those who promised us of ‘happily ever-afters’ and of ‘straight paths’. Those people who have backgrounds from prestigious universities and honorable families. Now, they tarnished that image. Everyone knows what it is they are doing, but deny it they do.

Such people are scum. No, worse than scum because scum is only a layer of dirt. The greedy people however are layers of dirt and acid with a mentality of a crab’s.

But I still cannot blame anyone though. I mean, it’s easy to put the blame on some half-assed politician’s face. But it would not matter because we still cannot trace the root of greed’s pathetic existence back to him.

It’s the drama of life I suppose. The ability to understand what is wrong with society, but the inability to do anything about it. The only plausible thing to do is to watch this vice destroy everything all humanity tried so hard to build.

Time is ticking…what should we do?