WAKE UP CALL (a rant about every random thing)


What do you call a girl who loves to hog all the booze and then tell people about it?

No. Let’s try another one.

What do you call a girl who knows nothing much about the world – but her little idealistic and optimistic metaphors from overrated romantic novels and clean, fresh woman’s porn books – and loves to do a little exploration with a big bottle of booze in one hand and a boy toy on the other?

a. A girl who loves adventures (Oh hey! I’m an adventure-type of girl but I limit my adventure stories in bars and salons which my daddy pays for)

b. A naive girl (Oh hi gimme anything!)

c. A cool girl (Oh my gosh I am so cool I don;t mind if you shit all over me!)

d. All of the above

DING.DING.DING.DING! The answer: letter C obviously.

Can you see what I did there? My opening questions basically defines the mainstream and cheap stature of what men- no BOYS (if you can even call’em that) have reduced women to be.

Let’s face it, we are only humans, and as a common rule we live to please and be noticed.

I know, I know that might not be the common rule, but with what society has gotten into, I think it is only befitting.

Men have molded a perfect picture of a ‘Cool girl in their minds that they actually try to find one. In the process, they break the spirit of girls or women (even though they o not have the right to be called as such because of their naivete). But of course, no person in their right mind would want to feel like an outcast, would want to feel like the weird kid with no friends because he or she cannot take part in the activities and whatnot of the ‘in crowd’.

Because of the stereotyping and the ‘you should really try this because it’s chic and it’s in’ dares…VOILA! An immediate crowd of rebelling girls and a bunch of teenage pregnancy hits the news! And who does society blame?! The PARENTS! The people who tried so hard to bring their kids to the right track! People put the blame on someone easily caught and will bring a commotion because they are so full of shit!(pardon my wording, but it is appropriate if one thinks of it!)

They make the good people bad people and make the bad people the good people without even looking close at the evidence right under their noses, because it might hurt their pride to admit they are in the wrong.

Guys! Blame YOURSELF! Do not put the blame on other people when something shitty happens to you because it is solely your life! What you do with it has consequences and you should be ready to embrace them because you were the one who chose this path; no one chose for you!

As for the girls, please do not be easily manipulated to act like how everybody does. We were created to become someone special. We are here for a purpose! Who knows what that purpose is, it might be something big like ATOMIC BOMB BIG! Or it might be some little thing that could one day become a BIG thing for the people you touched.

Never ever ever try to be the COOL KID! Because once you’re a cool girl (let’s stick t girl because that is why i wrote this!) then it means you are doing exactly what boys want you to do. You are enslaving yourself to humiliation and downfall. The meaning of the word cool girl? In this lifetime it does not have a positive ring to it. Times are changing, and with it comes the standards of society and people’s character.

Cool Girl refers to girls trying so hard to be perfect and by perfect I mean being an easy catch for luring men! Cool girls are those girls whose mindset are on booze and boys! They no longer care about their education because well, they’re cool and beautiful and they can get whoever they want to have or whatever they want to have with just a snap of their fingers. What they do not know is they are only doing this because they are not strong enough to acknowledge that they have a different purpose in this world than all the other people in the ‘in crowd’. They want to stand out, they want to partake in the activities that more than half of the world’s teenage population is doing because they want to be NOTICED and they want to have FUN! But the truth is, this is really not who they are.

Sure booze and boys are fun! But what if, you fall in love per se? You fell heads over heels for a guy you met in a bar or at a friend’s party and the guy is attracted to you too because yu fall under the category of a ‘good lay’ and an ‘easy catch’. Do you see where I am going with this? Please, do not reduce yourself to a whore every hormonal teenage boy wants! I used the W or H word whatever because it’s TRUE! The characters of a slut is what a guy in this generation wants! Tsk hormonal people…so disappointing, and they say we are the future of the world? That’s just great, if we do not change the way we live, then what can you expect from a huge hormonal population of teenagers? BABIES. POPULATION EQUALS NADA PLACE TO LIVE IN! Oh okay then , let’s all LIVE IN MARS! Yeah whatever.

It’s not so much as changing who we are, we just have to acknowledge the PERFECT us already inside us. The cool girl is only a facade. We can change personalities like all the time, it is just a personality that we try to uphold because it is in and it is hip and it can guarantee a nice guy who loves the same thing you do: BOOZE, POT..whatever.

PERSONALITY PERSONALITY. Try to understand who you are on the INSIDE! Do not be pressured to become who society wants you to be. You do not even have to be the nicest guys if that’s nto your personality (but there really is GOODNESS inside us no matter what we do..we canot escape the light?), besides no one can standardize good an bad. Who the heck knows what is really GOOD and really BAD?! One way or another, if you choose one you’ll eventually hurt someone’s feelings.

You might say I am such a hypocrite because I am already standardizing the dos and don’ts. Well, I’m not okay?!

I want to believe that we are all creatures full of love and comfort and laughter. No one would want to live in a shithole of booze and crack and stress and exhaustion. Addicts might now then say…that is exactly where we want to live! Well, actually that’s not. Look at yourselves, you only swung that way (and by that way I meant the booze and crack and easy lays) because consequences lead you to it. Please handle your life seriously. Do not be impulsive with taking substances that will lead to your downfall because that is not how life is supposed to be lived. We were here to explore the vastness of the world, sure you can taste and try them SOMETIMES not ALWAYS! And trying stuff dangerous to your health is not exactly something to be proud of. Just, try to see who you really are on the inside.

Inside, I know we are all alike…we still have that little kid inside us yearning to be let out and relive.

Live for yourself. Love who you are. Be true to yourself even it it is a LOT a LOT scary because that is WHO YOU ARE. THAT IT WHAT WILL MAKE YOU STANDOUT FROM OTHER PEOPLE!

Hope you guys remember that!

Anyways, with the advancement in technology comes not only pollution but also- a revolutionary upheaval in character of the people. Technology has forced us to be closed-minded people. We can simplify things with technology, heck we can even communicate without going out f our comfort zone. We are not socialites anymore, it basically destroyed one of the most important thing humans have.

Moreover, because of technology a lot of people not worthy of praise and much less time have become icons and role models. People who get paid to look what they look like so they can live in lavish places and continue living as the person they want their viewers not to be.

That is it. This world, the people here are only imitations of humans. Therey do not have any personality anymore. They did not obtain their right to choose who they want to become because society has already laid everything to us. They want to spoon feed us into believing that what they want is right. That what they want will make you a better person. But really, the people who established the standard personality of ‘Good guys’ and ‘Bad guys’ do not even know who they are between the two.

For better analysis, look at what happened to child stars and actors that showbiz produced to become icons and role models for people they want to manipulate. There are various cases of ‘disappointment’ and so many ‘shades of shame’ for them because society learned that what they portrayed all along was a facade. All the goody-two shoes thing was all just one big bowl of ugly and baloney LIES!

We fell in love with the concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ because that is what society wanted. That is how we were raised to be.

But then, why do we love the lies when the whole world shouts and cries for the TRUTH! Even our department of justices always say…”Tell the truth and nothing but the truth.” After saying this, everyone just goes on  and on about lies.


Because we are all AFRAID of the TRUTH! We are so very terrified to know how covetous and how devious human nature can be, so we tried to make a person perfect. We created actors to show how people should be perfect and yet the movies still keep on spewing lines of ‘Nobody is perfect’ when they are showing us otherwise.

We jaded ourselves and barred big strong brick walls around us- walls of lies- because that is what we wanted. Society is composed of humans or persons- of individual beings. When we blame society we should also blame ourselves because we constitute society.

How can we trust society and love the world and everyone in it when they would all just up and leave without so much a another glance when we show them our true colors.

Why is a person’s ‘true color’ so condemning when he or she is just trying to live his/her life the way he or she wants it to be?

There is clearly something wrong with this picture.

Old friends and conspiracy theories.


i feel the same way, tho i am still an aspiring doctor, i already felt how your friend felt. Sometimes I let my ideologies get in the way of my everyday life- well for instance my college life- and that is really stressful. Constantly thinking of a lot of deep things yet not knowing hw to handle them all. Like, I know I am a very deep person and some people might find it weird and maybe a li’l bit amazing that’s why i created my blog acct. I’m not very good with comunicating how I feel t others, so i just write it and post it here for the whole world to see…well, that is if they actually take time to notice my account. HAHA this is too long but yeah I just got motivated with your conclusion of “At least you have contributed something to this chaos we call “Humanity“.

Do it for love. Do it because we are all part of the same story, whether we accept this or we don’t”..hope your friend will step out of his comfort zone and maybe, find a way to share his ideologies with everyone else. 😀

Do you have a boyfriend?


Do you have a boyfriend?

That’s the constant question going on about the daily life of a teenager…more specifically, a teenaged girl! Especially now that I just turned 18! (yehey me!)

People expect me to say yes and then blurt out a random name of a dude. Well, I am tempted to do just that, just to spite people and society! Okay So I don’t have a boyfriend- never had but someday will! 😉 It just has not occurred to me yet that I need to have one. I mean, sure it’d be wonderful to have someone constantly check on me- the sweet text messages and random calls and spontaneous date nights! But why would I bother do that with a stranger when I can do that with my family? That way I won’t even have to think about doing my hair, taking selfies for #OTDs and the whatnots that other girls are crazy about. I guess, what I’m really trying to say is…it’s not yet the right time, besides, I believe in the saying, “save the best for last!”

It’s better to have a boyfriend when we’re both successful in our chosen careers or even just on the brink of stability. I’m still embracing my independence and I currently don’t want a distraction in my life as my priorities are set on attaining my license as a registered pharmacist and that promising M.D. at the end of my name!

Some people would ask me…aren’t you lonely? I try to ponder on that thought and the answer is always the same…who isn’t really lonely in this world? I have my friends, I have my families and I have God, if I feel lonely I can just talk to them instead! Therefore, there wuld be less of a heartbreak for me. Also, frankly, teenagers are just so full of themselves nowadays and are always looking fr something new and something fun. If I’m gonna spend my feelings and attention to someone other than my chosen people or loved ones, I’d rather spend it on a guy who will not treat me as just a ‘passing phase.’ I prefer not to waste my emotions on a douchebag that’s why I want to be ready and wait for that special someone who will treat me like the princess– queen even— that I know I am worth.

So, I don’t have a boyfriend and would probably only have one after I lived God’s promise of VICTORY in my chosen field of practice.

Live.Laugh.Love…do these things first for yourself before you go on and sacrifice your time and effort for your ‘so-called’ loved one!

Still too soon…


Have you ever felt like you are at a standstill in this game of life that you play?

Yeah? Me too. I feel like I am a single strand of hair…never knowing when I would suddenly get cut or even fall down. What I do, I hold on tight in fear of losing myself to the raking hands of my person.

However, that is also the problem, I know I should have a sense of fear as to what looms ahead of my short and wilting days, but there is actually nothing. It is like I am at peace but I do not even know why, you know; I just always have a calm and lulling sensation in the very core of my very being. Frankly, I just do not feel anything.

I know they say that there is always calmness before the horrible storm, but once again, I just do not have anything to say to that because I absolutely feel nothing at all. I mean, I am a human yes, but I guess I have been so good at hiding what I really feel that it came to the point where even I myself cannot decipher who I really am on the inside. I cannot even summon the strength to feel frustrated at myself. Well, I guess that is just a part of growing up.

How do I put this…I feel like I am a child left alone to discover and mature in my own way. Perhaps I am, but I also do not want it to be that way. So what do I do? I reach out…I keep on reaching and maybe even crawling so I can maybe find my parents or maybe even a guardian and tell him that I cannot do this alone. I mean I know I have to be independent so I can have a time for some self discovery and maturation but I think, I am not ready yet.

It is too soon for me…still too soon. I have the wisdom and the knowledge to do so, but I lack still. I know that I should have faith in God that He will deliver me and will see me come to be, it is just that…I do not know if I am ready. I do not know if I will ever be ready to embark on this journey of self discovery and of seeking knowledge alone. How can I do that when I barely even know what I do want, let alone what I really feel?

I guess, in order to understand myself, I need to widen and deepen my understanding first of who God created me to be.

I do not want this vulnerability from the unknown…I want certainty, even if it seems like like a strand of hair, my life will easily wither away and fall into sudden displacement anytime.

Those ‘in-betweens’


It feels like I’m drowning in a plethora of emotions, the ones you can get while riding a roller coaster full of 360 degree turns and vast amount of ups and downs in between. The only problem, it never seems to come to a stop and it tires me out. It exhausts me, until inevitably my will and my nerves would just burst from all the adrenaline rush and most probably suck the life out of me.

I long for a shade of gray. I need a break from all the yes and the nos; a breath of fresh air because it is very tiring to try to live a life full of engagements which later on would become full of solitude. It is very hard to live a life where there is only two possible answers to every problem. I guess, I want a maybe in my life, I can even do an ‘I suppose’, I need an inconsistency.

The logical part of me says that my life is indeed a track of inconsistencies, but my emotional state would not accept facts and probabilities, it wants to dive in the realm of ‘what ifs’. Right now I want to know what it’s like to actually be in the middle and experience the middle neutral portion of my life’s blacks and whites.

I would like to use John Green’s analogy that there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.This is the beauty of inconsistency. This is the wonders of in-betweens, life’s actual what ifs.

But the problem is that the choices that we have today already scratches off the possibility of attaining that ‘in between’ that ‘inconsistency’!

The possibility of living a whole new life and being in the line that separated right and left, the barrier that separates the church and science. The shade of something new and something other than black and white! Why is it so hard to get a glimpse and taste from this extraordinary existence?

Simple, as there is a beauty in inconsistency, there is also an exquisite quality in ambiguity. One doubts whether he or she will ever get the ‘in between’ or the precise shades of black and white. No one ever knows what will happen, as clairvoyance is all but a myth, and it lacks scientific evidence to say otherwise.

No matter how hard we strive to have things go our way, if it is not meant to be then it will never come into existence. The flaw in determination- in my determination – I tend to limit my reality to the outcome that I want to have. All I have are blacks and whites, so it is very hard to reign my emotions because of the unrelenting turns and dips of this roller coaster ride I call my life.

From my own perspective, the only constant thing in my life is the inevitability of not having my desired results because of the way how all dreams tend to ran like sands through the fists that I make.

I guess, this is the fueling mystery of life, how the mechanics of a human’s way of survival destroys the norms that the scientific community has set up.



Unrequited love.

That probably is the most excruciating feeling a teenager can have.

That– or maybe unrequited crush?

But how can we really measure infatuation? Is there even such a feeling? Aren’t you in love one way or another when you say ‘I am infatuated with?’; because really, infatuation means an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

We cannot measure our feelings, that is for sure.

Love or infatuation cannot be expressed in grams, ounces, pint, gallon. One could try.. “I love you in grams!” or “I love you in gallons!” But it still would not make much sense would it?

So before you go labeling the emotions you have for someone, know this…

You cannot be affected by anyone you do not share any feelings with. (Or in teen vocabulary.. you can’t love or hate someone who you do not give a fck about.)

Just like a book…never judge a person’s feelings; never judge the intensity of how someone feels, because you will never ever walk their shoes.

The Third Law


Newton states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

When put in that way it seem relatively easy to understand. It is just a concept of physics; a subject forcing us to learn about forces and energies.

The Physics classroom website explains it further though, it defines force as a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object. Forces result from interactions! According to Newton, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other.These two forces are called action and reaction forces.

But where am I really getting at?

I was sitting quietly, relieving the anxiousness I got from speaking my heart out regarding a topic up for debate in a particular class when a certain seatmate of mine from that particular class suddenly asked me…

“What if we are just reliving this lifetime?”

That hit me like a ton of rocks. Isn’t that just the million-dollar question?

What if we already lived this lifetime, this reality? What if this is the hundredth time or so that we so desperately tried to survive the same life that we have today? What if?

A lot of questions surged through my mind, leaving me breathless and gasping- not for air but for questions lying beneath ancient book binds and century old castle ruins. The possibilities are endless. I mean, there is nothing much certain about the universe. Although carbon dating suggests that the earth is 4.54 billion years old and archaeologists along with other scientists claim that there can be no human life on earth that far back into the past, we still do not know for sure if that is the real case because we were not there! Scientists are so keen on revealing the footprints of past creatures so they can walk the earth in that time that they tend to forget to reveal our- the humans’ past. We just readily embraced the theory that humans somehow popped out of nowhere as a result of genetic adaptation and mutation. Science is full of accepted facts and theories because humans are afraid of uncertainties, they are afraid of not knowing the unknown.

But, it is time to immerse ourselves into the void of speculations and the taboos of science. It is time to join the two together: science and legends. For where will people gain the knowledge about tear-drop babies or witches or magical princes and princesses or levitating objects but from natural occurring events that they experienced?

A legend has a root of truth in them which somehow in the years that came, evolved into something else; something more of a belief and a fairy tale. The fact still stands, people of much old times do not yet have the ability to come up with characters so vivid with powers because they are still starting their cognitive development which basically is dependent only to their environment. To make it simpler, nothing is original, everything in this world is an imitation and an evolution of the past. So, the scribes and other writers of the past that we think made up stories might not have made them up because then they would be breaking tradition; and as we know, humans- especially those from the past are afraid of risking of breaking free from traditions because they will be lost.

Now we go to the concept of ‘Reincarnation.’ We got past the fact that legends have a root of truth in them, even if it is just the size of a mere seed, they still carry the truth. So what if we give in further to this insanity and ponder the mysteries of reincarnation.

“For the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. He has not come into being, does not come into being, and will not come into being. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.”
—The Bhagavad-Gita (The Divine Song of God) 2:20

The context above is an excerpt from the Holy text of the Hindus about 700 B.C.into the past. As you can see, it talks about a soul that is eternal. Ideally, a wandering soul may one way or another seek a way to go back into the circle of life; because seriously, what is our real purpose but to survive right?

A claim still stands, reincarnation or the process of transmigration may be real, no evidence suggests it but what if the reason behind this mystery is because it is happening now-as I type here- in a fast rate (because let us face it, birth and death rates are somehow on par with each other) and in utmost secrecy and is in its divinity that we just do not have the ability and the divine understanding to grasp this as the reality of realities?

It does not matter how much effort scientists and us common folks give in order to increase the percentage of our minds to activate. As long as we do not overcome the barriers separating us from what is real and what is a myth or a legend, we will still be living in a reality of continued discovering and dying. We will still be doing ‘science’ and be narrow-minded people who are afraid to give in to the possibility or probability that the things we deem as not ‘scientifically proven’ may be the truth. We are afraid of being wrong and being overwhelmed.

So what are these things that I am spewing out have in relation to the Third Law of equal and opposite reactions?

Well, get ready.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

We know that already, but as Hatake Kakashi says, “look underneath the underneath.” There is something missing about this concept, a word to better describe the product of the two reactions… the consequence.

Consequence only means a result of an action.

What if the forces in our lives are the past and the future? What if we are reliving this reality through the taboo of science, the legend about Rebirths or Reincarnations? What if the past is actually our past in this same lifetime but we do not know that because time is eternal and the only true unit of measure; and the past and the future are happening right now in a fast pace that we overlook and do not see it because it is happening too fast?

If this is real, then we are the consequence. We are the products of the force exerted by our own past and future selves. We are the ones that complete the analogy of force interactions.

So if reincarnations are happening and already has happened before, then it is no wonder why the present has slowed down and allowed us to live with new memories in tact. It may be seen as a challenge to perfect the life that you have, but then again no one is perfect. Maybe we, as the consequence or the effect, are the only flaws in the space and time continuum.