Time was the enemy and I was the game piece.

This was the only thing I could think of.

My feet were bare; my shoes must have come off after battling the heinous monster on level 28 though. I shakily stood up, eyes squinted to see better before rechecking the avatar controller on my wrist. It only confirmed my suspicions; after days and days of continuous fighting and tears, I was finally able to find the place where enemy number 1 resides in… Danu Talis.

A world hidden within another world to confuse the seeker of death for it is death himself whom I had to battle in order to release every innocent soul in his grasp. I have to kill him to get the final piece of the puzzle, the armour of the Sun, of the Golden twin. Him called Marethyu.

So really, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

I glanced around at the new scenery around me. I was no longer in the depths of hell where that raging dragon with the impenetrable shield attempted to kill me. Note, ‘attempted’ yes because even he was no match for the twin blades of my Elucidator hand-made by the blacksmith of the Archaic Lords themselves.

The red neon light on my controller started blinking rapidly, alarming me of the danger about to ensue. I started doing calculations before holding the blade of my Elucidator 5 inches from my eyes, just in time to block the deadly blow of the enemy. I glanced towards our conjoined blades and visibly blanched when I noticed that it was a metal hook that nearly grazed my eye lids. This was finally Marethyu who I am dealing with. I only managed to breathe deeply for a second before we were engaged in a fiery and deadly dance of the blades.

Our deadly blows were on par with each other, none can contain the hatred exuding with every block of the opponent, with every nip of the skin and trickles of blood. I glanced once more on my controller only to see the emblazoned ’10 mins’ glistening with every flick of my wrist. Oh no, this is very bad. I was running out of time and life support. If I keep on fighting like this I’m sure to die soon; and I just can’t give up yet.

Suddenly, I tried to stop the onslaught of attacks made by Marethyu by doing a backflip whilst dancing my blades in a series of deadly combination of my acquired sword skills. However, I was not able to watch out for an upright tree root since I was not aware that there are such things in a programed world like this one. Fortunately though, that was the time where my entire fleet of an awaiting battalion started to join in. They managed to take the enemy by surprise- the strongest offensive strategy in the art of war. Everything happened in a blur, the only vivid memory I have was the time I felt my Elucidator tear through a rotting flesh and the howls of victory which spread quickly around the battlefield.

That and the seemingly annoying noise of my rotten alarm clock; signalling another day of trying to fit in and become a somebody in this messed up excuse of a planet where snobs and

brats get whatever they want while other people have to work hard and get paid below minimum wage because some pretty faced politician wants another yacht.

Yep this is my world, a victorious sword fighter at night in a perfect realm full of possibilities; and a normal teenager in the morning who only wants to be heard and not criticized.

I am no one.

I already got passed that fact and am now living a fairly normal life in the real world. I literally crashed on the cold hard wall of reality though before I realized that this is a place where death is death and failure means you either get thrown in the dump or in a solid drum of chemical waste where you emerge as a cockroach- forever cursed to pathetically roam the streets of this hopeless place.

I scrunched up my face before covering it with my towel in a failed attempt to avoid the wafted smoke from automobile exhausts and second-hand smokes from lit up cigarettes.

With a tsk noise I hurried off of the claustrophobic vehicle and walked through a sea of people going on different directions. I paused on the sidewalk, since I was little all I wanted was to be heard and be famous. Not famous in a sense that I wanted to become an actress- but in the ‘people come and listen to me’ kind of way. But in a country whose population is about to reach its 100th million I can’t help but feel nauseated and disappointed.

Everyone wants to become somebody so they can somehow leave their own marks in this world. So someday people would look back and say, “That girl was something!”

That’s the kind of popularity I want to have. I want to leave my own mark in this generation because I don’t want the memories that I have tried so hard to create die with my body. I want a tangible part of me be imbedded in everyone’s hearts and mind because God promised me immortality and excellence.

I know that the reality of dying is inevitable, but even if my body will someday die…I want to at least preserve the memories I created and haunt everyone with it, letting them know I was once wearing their own shoes; that I also experienced what they are experiencing. That I felt what they felt.

My forehead creased as I grasped the reality that my dreams might stay that way- a DREAM!

My crazed heart was doing somersaults, for seventeen years I tried to ignore that cynical side of me always telling myself that I will make it to the top with my own style and a wonderful background. But seeing the many obstacles standing between me and my victory, my strong façade was a tad bit shaken.

Sometimes I think all the stress from college and being away from my family is taking its toll on me and making me frustrated. I mean who the hell realizes things in the middle of nowhere, right?

But I cannot help but blame the ever-so-advancing world nowadays. If we look back we can trace the simplicity of life during the early age of this planet, where anyone can be somebody because society is not very hard to please. When expectations were very much about who can climb the highest tree and play well the piano. When growing up meant knowing how to cook and hunt.

Unlike now, when maturity is forced amongst us teenagers because society is demanding too much from us. Expectations keep piling up on who can create the most advanced technology or can discover the treatment for terminal diseases. Innovation of the norms we once stood by happened and BAM! This world where humanity is being salvaged happened.

Before, if teens were encouraged to try something new then they try something new! They were not criticized if they were not fast on grasping the concept of Einstein’s theory of relativity, nor were they subject to humiliation. But now, if a grown-up asks a thirteen year old to execute a Turbo C++ program and said child failed to do it, he would be branded with the ‘stupid’ mark and tossed aside for further degradation.

And people wonder why teens are so rebellious nowadays. Why cyber bullying and sex is so common with the majority of our population; tis because of the pent up frustrations and mutual feeling of power and authority that we gain when that ‘What’s on your mind?’ pops up on social medias.

It empowers us. It provides us a false sense of security and allows us to put on the masks of indifference to show society that this is the product of their scrutinizing gazes. That their movements for quenching our growing desire to discover and understand the world on our own made us the more curious.

It’s like gasoline pumping through our veins, making us feel totally free. Liberated!  Because we can type and say whatever and there are no rules to follow. Be a potty mouth, no one has the right to judge us because social medias are shouting for ‘freedom of speech!’ We can post pictures of ourselves or other things if we feel lonely because even complete strangers click that ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ and ‘favorite’ buttons if they liked our post; especially if it involves something stupid or screams for a cat fight.

But most of all, we would be heard.

People would notice and we’d be more popular and get more connections if we exercise power and emphasize the things that we can do proudly in front of the whole world! We could chat with whoever from all across the globe with no intention of doing small talk.

We would be unstoppable! We would be popular! We would be noticed!

The weight that society puts on our shoulders is only getting heavier by the minute. That is why we turn to the internet…our only escape from reality. Whenever we’re on line the feeling of pure energy surging throughout our blood vessels and muscles blocks whatever common sense that we have. Instead it fuels our hate fire and gives us a confidence boost. Telling us that this is the 21st century where the advocacy of hearing out the youth is given importance. That nothing can stop us by posting incessantly what we want to say. That we are free to express ourselves in any way that we deem fit. Nothing and no one can ever destroy and hurt us when we are being shielded by our computers, laptops, and tablets. Nothing!

It acts like some form of refuge and has proved time and time again that it will always have our backs. It listens when we pour our life stories, and it definitely does not criticize our actions and words. The internet takes us to a different world that would suit us.

We long for detachment from this unforgiving reality. Suicides are great examples of permanently getting a timeout from this kind of living that’s why we hear more and more of teenagers dying nowadays. Why do you guys think we always put on our white earbuds with the blasting sound of metal and punk? We want out without sacrificing our lives in the process. Besides, we want to prove a point and change the course of action of this cruel world.

However, don’t you think the bitter flavor of guilt doesn’t haunt us in our wake? It might have been displeasing to the eyes of grown-ups when they see pictures and videos of nudity but that’s the only way that we know on how to make our point across. We want to strip ourselves not of clothes but of the strong facade that we try to take on. For once we want to expose our vulnerability and let everyone know who we really are.

As I’ve said earlier, everyone wants to make a mark on this generation. We found a way to do just that. We create our accounts and blogs that if adults only went out of their way to decipher them would find the dramas constituting of a teen’s life. We could only hope that this fragment of reality would be eternal…that way even if we are long gone, our secrets and inner demons spilled throughout the contents of our web addresses will still be intact for possibilities of being discovered. So they can realize, that we have created our own mark in a wall of mixed handprints.

If you ask me now whether I’d choose to live in this mental asylum or in the place of false praises then I would still choose the latter. I would rather be a program trying to escape the hands of death in a video game, at least then I am somebody; unlike being a mere mortal and is being thrown to and fro in the waves and flows of the realm of reality.


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