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As I open my 2016 with a chorus of fireworks’ booms and its plethora of colors, I would like to give a grander farewell to 2015.

2015…I could not have lived you better. The lessons you instilled and the experiences you continuously threw my way with the struggles that engulfed me yet never drowned me; thank you for it all.

2015…it felt so long when I welcomed you with an open heart and a blank space in my 365 paged book, and now…I look back and cannot even see beyond the infinite flashbacks of heart-melting yet bittersweet smiles and victories that God has bestowed upon me during your reign. Thank you for that.

2015…thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to begin┬áthe ugly yet beautiful process of battling my own demons. It is a struggle yes, but with your kin’s help (2016 and so on), I will continue to be strong to shatter the barricades my mind has conjured and will live wothout limits.

2015…I will become unstoppable.

I will let go of the remaining strings of inhibitons binding me still with the life of the ungrateful. I will overcome challenges and keep on leveling up; and with God’s help, I will accomplish the impossible.

It’s never again going to be a thought whether I CAN or I CAN’T…throughout 2016, and the years to come, everything is just going to be a matter of I WILL!

And…I assure you this 2016 my will is going to be better and stronger like my past years have never seen before!

2016: Let’s get this on!