Dear 5 kilometers,

Now what you just made me do was stupid. I mean it was really fun and all to see people- erm cute guys *coughcough* as a form of greeting in the morning and run side by side with them but waking me at 4 am and not starting on time is sheer stupidity!

Can you believe the fact that I almost passed out BEFORE you even started! I’m not overreacting you just grate on my nerves each time I think about you. Don’t be flattered it means you bother me so much that you’re always on my mind.

I know I need to lose weight and all but next time can you please move your finish line closer?! My feet and legs were killing me! But I decided to push myself further for you, so yeah bow to my awesomeness!

It’s almost valentines day and so far you’re the only thing that got me breathless and frazzled. Literally! I can’t believe I managed to drag myself on the finish line actually. I mean I’ve been loaded with projects and super long exams yesterday and all of last week and then I woke up for you at 4 am not even getting enough sleep in the process! And enough sleep for me means not waking up for at least 10 hours on a Friday night, and it’s Friday yesterday so that should have counted!

See that?! I can’t even get enough sleep because of you! Maybe you should date me because you made me feel this aching on my lungs, my feet, my head…heck every time I got a kilometer or so run it makes me feel the same heartache and heartbreak that my loveydovey friends feel when they’re with their yucky boys. This is disgusting. I’m delusional. But you’re more delusional if you think this is a love letter for you. I’m bashing you, you didn’t notice?

Well, i hope now that I told you…you do.

My eyes are getting heavier by the minute, you owe me an apology BIG TIME! This is like our first meet and greet so you better have made this very worthwhile!




(WN googlespics)


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