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I think, nowadays, the type of FAMILY that stays together against all odds is already considered a ‘rare’ occurance.
And the people with such a strong familial bond should consider themselves blessed.
I for one consider myself to be one of the blessed ones…the ‘chosen’ few gifted with such a favor. Why?
Since I was a kid, my parents embedded in me the lesson: family is family. There will be no questions, when a part of that family is in need, one should do anything in his or her power to lend a helping hand and lighten the burden of the relative.
And i am very thankful for this early lesson, bec the tribulations trying to sway some of my loved ones off their feet? Yep, those are nothing compared to the love and support and foundation of our family.
That is the secret, i suppose, to having a happy family.
Threaten one? I’m sorry, you’ll just wet your pants.
Belittle one? Oh, okay, we have back up much greater than the power money can buy…
BULLY one? Are you sure? Get ready bec all your secrets will be revealed. But don’t worry, we won’t gossip it, we’ll just make inside jokes abt you that will literalize the saying ‘cry like a river’.