Do you have a boyfriend?


Do you have a boyfriend?

That’s the constant question going on about the daily life of a teenager…more specifically, a teenaged girl! Especially now that I just turned 18! (yehey me!)

People expect me to say yes and then blurt out a random name of a dude. Well, I am tempted to do just that, just to spite people and society! Okay So I don’t have a boyfriend- never had but someday will! šŸ˜‰ It just has not occurred to me yet that I need to have one. I mean, sure it’d be wonderful to have someone constantly check on me- the sweet text messages and random calls and spontaneous date nights! But why would I bother do that with a stranger when I can do that with my family? That way I won’t even have to think about doing my hair, taking selfies for #OTDs and the whatnots that other girls are crazy about. I guess, what I’m really trying to say is…it’s not yet the right time, besides, I believe in the saying, “save the best for last!”

It’s better to have a boyfriend when we’re both successful in our chosen careers or even just on the brink of stability. I’m still embracing my independence and I currently don’t want a distraction in my life as my priorities are set on attaining my license as a registered pharmacist and that promising M.D. at the end of my name!

Some people would ask me…aren’t you lonely? I try to ponder on that thought and the answer is always the same…who isn’t really lonely in this world? I have my friends, I have my families and I have God, if I feel lonely I can just talk to them instead! Therefore, there wuld be less of a heartbreak for me. Also, frankly, teenagers are just so full of themselves nowadays and are always looking fr something new and something fun. If I’m gonna spend my feelings and attention to someone other than my chosen people or loved ones, I’d rather spend it on a guy who will not treat me as just a ‘passing phase.’ I prefer not to waste my emotions on a douchebag that’s why I want to be ready and wait for that special someone who will treat me like the princess– queen even— that I know I am worth.

So, I don’t have a boyfriend and would probably only have one after I lived God’s promise of VICTORY in my chosen field of practice.

Live.Laugh.Love…do these things first for yourself before you go on and sacrifice your time and effort for your ‘so-called’ loved one!


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