Unrequited love.

That probably is the most excruciating feeling a teenager can have.

That– or maybe unrequited crush?

But how can we really measure infatuation? Is there even such a feeling? Aren’t you in love one way or another when you say ‘I am infatuated with?’; because really, infatuation means an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone.

We cannot measure our feelings, that is for sure.

Love or infatuation cannot be expressed in grams, ounces, pint, gallon. One could try.. “I love you in grams!” or “I love you in gallons!” But it still would not make much sense would it?

So before you go labeling the emotions you have for someone, know this…

You cannot be affected by anyone you do not share any feelings with. (Or in teen vocabulary.. you can’t love or hate someone who you do not give a fck about.)

Just like a book…never judge a person’s feelings; never judge the intensity of how someone feels, because you will never ever walk their shoes.


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