Monthly Archives: August 2014

The real deal about MONEY


Money has got people on leash.

It would not matter if they–the ‘greedy ones’ would step on other people as long as they get their money, they will rid you out.

Sounds harsh, but in my seventeen years here, all I ever heard from everyone is how greedy the human nature can be just to feel intense amount of pleasure; and pleasure, nowadays, only comes from money.


Seriously, I can take it if the people doing most of the ‘greediness’ are uneducated ones because I can easily dismiss it and say ‘they do not know better’…but no, these here, the corrupt people- the greedy ones- are those who promised us of ‘happily ever-afters’ and of ‘straight paths’. Those people who have backgrounds from prestigious universities and honorable families. Now, they tarnished that image. Everyone knows what it is they are doing, but deny it they do.

Such people are scum. No, worse than scum because scum is only a layer of dirt. The greedy people however are layers of dirt and acid with a mentality of a crab’s.

But I still cannot blame anyone though. I mean, it’s easy to put the blame on some half-assed politician’s face. But it would not matter because we still cannot trace the root of greed’s pathetic existence back to him.

It’s the drama of life I suppose. The ability to understand what is wrong with society, but the inability to do anything about it. The only plausible thing to do is to watch this vice destroy everything all humanity tried so hard to build.

Time is ticking…what should we do?