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Well it’s summer time here in the island of LALAland and me being little ME managed to plan all the stupid yet adventurous stuff I have been dying to try since…well EVER!

I made a list see, and I would’ve attached it here if it weren’t for the teeny tiny fact that, well…I LOST IT!

YES! My ‘awesome-sauce-summer-plans-that-will-make-your-sorry-ass-cry’ VANISHED! KAVOOM! WOOOSH! GONE! I don’t even know why or how it managed to get away from me! It got lost I think in the midst of me galloping around my bedroom and trashing the place with new clothes I bought and the summer smexy outfits I found buried underneath my dad’s luggage in the storage room. (I know! My dad tad bit conservative and doesn’t wanna see his oh so lovely daughter wearing ‘not-really-THAT-revealing-just-hanging-blouse-stuff’ clothes (daddies should be like that though…i think xD)! I mean it’s not like my prince charming will come out of nowhere riding his trusty stead and wearing his glistening armor and then charm me with those beautiful blue eyes of his before taking me farfarfar away towards our COTTON CANDY CASTLE…pffft yeah right. Pigs will fly and crocodiles will let their little tongues slither out of their mouths before THAT happens! coz it’s like a FACT that crocs can’t do that and okay that’s a lame aphorism kill me. *pleaseDON’T!:*)

So here I am dillydallying in le casa with moi laptop and my lazy ass stuck in front of the telly and just going back and forth, to and fro on my rocking chair! I.AM.A.THUG.

With nothing to do all day but laze around and then laze some more then maybe eat for a little while, I decided to make my awesomesauce time more productive, thus here I am finding amusing stuff with everything my family is doing right now. Ugh, I’m kinda hanging upside down right now- rather I’m just too lazy to bring my head up le couch so I could go on and do my little experiment of what it’s like to have an upside down day! I know weird but hey I AM SOOOOOO BORED yet TOO LAZY right now to do anything about it, so I’m counting to what I have and am doing right now to give me some form of amusement. UGH! Even my buddies’ invitation to picnics (which consists of them going to my house and showering mw wth  pretty words about our impending joy rides is kinda not working for me at the moment…)

umm my newly manicured nails are still sensitive to touch…not really just finding excuses to publish something something.. MWAH! 😉


Golden Gifts of Silence


“Does not everything depend on our interpretation of the silence around us?”
― Lawrence Durrel, Justine

It’s ironic how the company of silence teaches us grander lessons than the constant chatter of most professionals situated in huge and old brick-walled buildings. Though it doesn’t mean that those people are incompetent, rather it only means that silence offers us the possibility of learning from the geniuses  lurking beneath each person’s facade.

Since we were kids we always have that intuition that gives us a small peek of the consequences associated with our every performance. The voice inside our heads guiding us which we later named as ‘conscience’ because it usually decides whether a certain act of ours is morally right or wrong. In the Christian context it is called the Holy Spirit. And according to John (15:26) this special spirit, among being the third in the Trinity, is fully God. He who is eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, has a will, and can speak. It is He who is a person yet not particularly visible in the Bible because His ministry is to bear witness of Jesus. Meaning that God has already equipped us with forces and powers and strength needed to become champions of our race. By giving us the Holy Spirit He has somewhat bestowed upon us the ‘cheats’ of life; for the Holy Spirit already evaluated the actions we undertake before we even think of executing it.

So you see, we have the power to command the very nature and essence of life. The Creator Himself gave that indescribable gift to us mere mortals through sacrificing His only begotten Son, and the only thing He asks in return is for us to believe in Jesus Christ. If we believe in Him then we can do much more than what Christ Himself accomplished.

“Silence is deafening.” Quite a contradicting sentence but true nonetheless.


Try to delve into autopilot for once. Forget about the materialistic hold this world has on you. Get a free hour or two for you once in a while and then take your very own adventurous realization.

The perfect place to do this is to let your feet lead you somewhere quiet and a little bit unfamiliar; a place completely devoid of peers. An escape route of sorts. Then of course, make sure the view is very pleasing to the eye, lots of space and fresh air enveloping you. Get lost in the calming sounds of Mother Nature- birds singing, little kids laughing, mothers chatting, the soothing sound of sea water caressing the rough sand contours of the bay, and even the faint sound of echoing footfalls. Allow the cool crisp air enter your relaxed and slumped figure and then…drift away.

Close your eyes and just feel your surroundings.

Remember all the happy memories you had as a kid. The smell of your mother’s perfume and the sound of your father returning home. Remember the words said, remember the favorite songs of your family. Remember…

Count your blessings one by one. If the mailman delivered your mail this morning-even if it’s a bunch of bills- thank God. Even if your stuck in traffic, thank God still because you are on your way to having another great day. Even if things did not turn out as you expected it would, thank God. Everything has been planned, the way your everyday life runs is a preparation for your step to greatness. You were born a Champion of the world. All you have to do is to be grateful for every small thing that comes your way, because God’s plan for your life is something very worth waiting for. Something that is beyond your wildest dreams to even comprehend. All this a testament to God’s goodness, mercy. love and unprecedented favor for every human being alive in this planet. You just have to believe and say those six beautiful words…thank you and I love You.

Bask in the serenity of silence and then listen…listen to what your heart has to say…listen to God.