Midnight Revelations




So I wake up like before dawn most of the time this summer in my hometown, and I always spend my waking moment wanting desperately to praise the LORD.

It’s amazing how God moves in a person, and how He lives in me- in each one of us. God never leaves me, and I know He never would. So even if sometimes I feel like life has been tossing me to and fro, I keep my faith still. Even if silent tears of hurt trudge down my cheeks, I still keep a constant praise for God in me because I know, He will pull me through the wreckage and restore me to become more than the person I have been before.

God moves in mysterious ways, and some times, this mysterious way of His can somehow make us loose track of things and become vulnerable to temptation. But we must fight it and continue on looking at Him alone, because God only gives us these challenges to strengthen our faith in Him and to strengthen our emotional and physical and spiritual stature also. He lives and He loves.

Our God is more like a gardener in a vast field of perfectness. Gardeners choose the seeds of their plants very carefully and puts it inside a healthy soil to make sure that it would grow up beautifully. This is what God does to every child. HE created each one of us to beautify the planet and He chose for us the family that He knows can mold us into persons of faith, love, peace, and righteousness. The next step is for the gardener to keep on feeding his plants and ensure its health. This is the same with God, every second of every day God constantly watches over us- HIS children to make sure that we will grow up in awe of HIS power, love, glory, grace, and peace that HE exudes. God provides us with more than we could ever want and imagine, we just need to open our eyes to HIS blessings every second of every day. His favors and blessings are innumerable, it cannot be counted. If I ever had a blessing counter, it actually started to keep count since the time I was being shaped in my mother’s womb; when I was still a tiny cell. Like a tiny seed in a soil of uncertainty and needs tender love and care in order to bloom into a creation of beauty. Today, throughout the storms that life throws at me, I continue to bloom and grow to become like the image of God here on earth. Problems cannot sway me because I will keep on looking for God in every situation, and I know God is and will be pleased with me. I want to make HIM smile, even if it’s the last thing I do. I want to make GOD feel very loved because no one deserves it more than HE does.

I just want to use the free time and even the busiest of times to give praise to GOD. I want to make HIM feel wonderful and amazing and awesome because can’t you see, God is always so busy caring and loving each one of us and let’s face it we hurt Him much of the time because we don’t always say Thank You Lord because we’re so busy with all our worldly stuff. God deserves more and every good and wonderful thing this world and we can offer.

I don’t know what compelled me to write this, I just know that people need to know this.




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