A catacomb of restlessness


You relish the warmth and comfort your bed exudes as you slowly open your eyes to take a peak at the solemn surrounding of Sunday’s chilly morning.

For minutes you just lay there…immobile…staring into the blankness of your cream cream walls.

Other people checking on you might say that you’re troubled by some invisible entity, but you know better.

They don’t see it, but you do. Your mind takes you to places unseen and unheard by people around you. They do not have the ability to travel and move to different dimensions like you because it takes focus, a creative mind and a catacomb of restless figment-ed souls…a gift given to only a chosen few.

You see a myriad of colors when others only see the blankness of white. It is more than a pile of pillows and blankets…for it is an underground castle with secret doors and magical closets that lead to a mystic parallel universe. It is not just a fluffy bed but a place of authority and power woven together by the gods from the softness of the cosmic clouds lining up the azure sky.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

You blink for a second and you are amazed by the sudden change in the atmosphere. The noise of your siblings chasing each other around the house, the music of your dad’s guitar and the fragrance of your mom’s cooking is lost to your senses. To you there is only you and the power of your mind.

You look around to see the serenity of solitariness.

A tired pair of eyes squint to see past the white white lights of an unknown territory where your amazing and wonderful mind brought you. Realization seeps in and confirms that you are once again in the realm between wakefulness and sleep. The fragile knot that separates dreams from reality.

You sigh and take in the gusto of freedom.

In this time and place you are robbed of your insecurities and stripped to expose the child inside you yearning to be released. This is perfect. For now, everything is alright again.

You feel tingles work up from your shoulder blades to the tip of your toes…a transformation takes place where you become what you want. No judgement, no criticisms. This place is surrounded by barricades so strong that no amount of vile words from vicious mouths and clawing hands can harm you. You are perfect here.

Words flow easily in this dimension. For once in your life your mind is not shouting at you to wake up and finish whatever requirements you have. Anxiety has no place here. It can no longer harm you, it can never will your heart to thrash wildly behind the fortress of your rib cage- your indisputable armor. No longer, as long as you stay here nothing can ever cause you to be in the state of vulnerability again.

You shift further into the comfort of your bed and hide under the protective covers of your blanket as you let your mind wander once more through the maze of dimensions interlinked together in the realm of sleep.

You love the feel of solitude and certainty bequeathed by the lone power of unconsciousness.


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